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VSU Library

Library Hours

Sunday 2:00pm - 5:00pm

To check on availability contact (03) 9326 7366 during the hours shown above.

Suggested Reading

There are several excellent books which are available for either purchase or loan from the VSU. 

Ursula Roberts

Hints on Mediumistic Development *#

Hints in Spiritual Unfoldment*#

The Mystery of the Human Aura

Living in Two Worlds

Harry Edwards

A Guide To The Development of Mediumship

Life In Spirit

The Mediumship of Jack Webber

Spirit Healing

The Healing Intelligence


Maurice Barbanell

Power of the Spirit

This Is Spiritualism


Arthur Findlay

The Unfolding Universe

The Psychic Stream



Teachings of Silver Birch    A.W.Austen and Others


White Eagle Books      Grace Cook


They Walked Amongst Us     Louie Harris


Voices In The Dark     Leslie Flint


A Soul’s Journey*#     Peter Richelieu


Life In The World Unseen (Book 1& 2)   Anthony Borgia


There is a River #     Edgar Cayce


Your Psychic Faculties Book 1 & 2    Ron Gibbs


Spiritualism- Questions and Answers 4 Books  Rev.George Eldred


The Elements of Meditation #   David Rontana


The Silent Path      Michael J Eastcott


Voices In My Ear #     Doris Stokes


The University of Spiritualism   Harry Boddington


The History of Spiritualism Vol 1 & 2  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten   Emma Hardinge Britten


Messages From Beyond     Alfred J Gabay


The Book Of Mediums    Allan Kardec


The Living Image     Coral Polge & K Hunter


In Tune With The Infinite    Ralph Waldo Trine


Spirit Teachings*#     William Stanton Moses


The Chakras*       C.W. Leadbeater


The Boy Who Saw True     Unknown


Transformed By The Light #     Cherie Sutherland PhD


Life After Life      Raymond A Moody JR  MD

# (Library)  * (Out of Print)

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