Sunday Service

As at 20th July 2021, Sunday Services will be reverting to Online until Covid restrictions are once again lifted. 
Due to the ongoing closures of our centres, we are no longer able to sustain providing our services free of charge to non-financial members.  We rely on donations and free will offerings to continue operating and we have tried our hardest for more than 12 months, with no government assistance, but the pandemic is taking its toll.  Our operating costs have been ongoing but our income has been nearly non-existent,  
We have received very little in the way of financial support from those attending our online Sunday services despite at times having over 100 people registered. In light of this, we will be putting a $5 admission fee for those who are not currently a financial member. 
We again invite everyone to support us by applying for membership to help us continue to keep our doors open for all who need us, but hope you have the understanding that it is costly to maintain our buildings and pay bills despite most of us being volunteers.  Please contact us if this will cause you financial hardship and we  can waive the fee.  You can also use our Donate button to make a freewill contribution, all donations are Tax deductible and much appreciated


The VSU is a Not For Profit organisation and is dependent on free will offerings to continue in providing our services to members and others.  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated, and go towards maintaining our services to you.






The VSU Sunday Service commences at 3pm and finishes at 4:30pm. Healings from 2pm.

The program includes a 20 minute talk from a guest speaker and a 30 minute demonstration of survival by medium/s.

Admission is free and newcomers are welcome, however a free will donation can be made during the service.

North Melbourne

Ringwood East