Meet Our Mediums

Sonia Reid (Thursday & Saturday)
Sonia Reid has 20 years’ experience as a platform medium and demonstrator. She has worked on the rostrums at the VSU, Brunswick, Box Hill, Fawkner and Werribee.

Sonia also works at all of these churches as an inspirational speaker, working closely with Spirit to give her talks.

Sonia has been doing private readings for many years and gives evidence of survival, messages from Spirit and aura interpretations at the VSU readings.
Lorraine Lee Tet
Rev Lorraine Lee Tet is the President of the VSU.

Lorraine has been working with spirit for over 40 years and gives evidence of survival and messages from loved ones on platform and in private readings.

Her desire is to spread the awareness that life continues on after death and to bring messages of comfort, hope and encouragement from our loved ones in the spirit world.
Lee Kelly (Saturday)
Lee has been in the Spiritual movement for more than 40 years. She has worked on Platform in many churches around Victoria over that time.

Lee gives proof of survival and messages from loved ones who have passed.
Dorothy Bramich (Saturday)
When the soul needs nurturing, spirit is ready to help. Dorothy is at one with their desire to be of service. Often they will provide insight into something positive coming up as that fosters hope. Also they provide spiritual help for existing causes of stress. Dorothy knows that spirit always want to empower you to grow and help you embrace your life’s journey in all its aspects. Dorothy endeavours to bring through proof of survival, which is connection with loved ones in spirit.
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