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This course has been designed for people who are ready to start their spiritual development.


It gives a brief overview of the basics of working with your own energy and working with those in spirit, and is designed to be only the beginning of a more in-depth journey.


As a participant you will learn how to recognise and work with your own, and other people’s natural energies. You will be shown how to tune into the metaphysical energy signatures of people and places, enabling you to read both physical and emotional signals.


During the course you will learn about energy flow, auras and chakras. You will start to ‘tune into’ objects and people.


The course will take place over 3 weeks, on 17th February, 24th February, 2nd March 2024

The course will be held 1:00pm – 5:00pm 


The cost for the course is $140
Venue: 51 Patterson Street, Ringwood East


Bookings are essential.

VSU Beginners Awareness Course 2024

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