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The light at the end of the tunnel - finally!

With Victoria recording zero active cases of Covid-19 and no new infections, the Victorian Government is easing up on restrictions.

So what does this mean for VSU?

That we are planning on starting a cautious return to Sunday Services.

All going well, we are planning on having a very limited amount of attendees at our 13th December service at North Melbourne to see how we can manage & comply with the social distancing & hygiene requirements. Attendees will be required to book either on our website or by calling the office, and we will not be allowing anyone in who has not prebooked. Booking will be required for the foreseeable future for all our services and in line with Government guidelines you will be required to check in when you arrive. There will be a QR Reader code to help simplify this, or you can sign the register.

The Sunday Services will still be offered via Zoom as we have been successfully doing over the past several months.

As we are reliant on volunteers to run our services we have to be mindful of their welfare along with those in the congregation. With this in mind, we ask that everyone is respectful and patient as we work through this. Masks are mandatory inside and hand sanitiser will be available. There will be no refreshments offered.

Ringwood East will remain closed for the remainder of 2020, and hopefully will be recommencing Sunday Services from February 2021.

Additionally, we are planning on returning to in person Medium readings from February 2021, but will still offer online readings as these are proving to be very successful.

Fingers crossed we can all return to the new normal very soon.

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